When I was a kid my parents would read novels to me and my siblings before bed. I remember these moments as a montage of reading moments. I remember what they read even if I can’t remember the specific moments of being read to.

My dad read us the Oz series of books. The most well known being the Wizard of Oz, but there are many more in the series. I remember being pretty frightened by Mombi (although I could be confusing this memory with the Return to Oz version of Mombi which was terrifying). He also read us C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. I revisited these books when I was 19 and loved how they reminded me of being a kid and getting read to.

Mom read the Redwall series. She made different voices for the different types of animals. My favourite were the Badgers, who were mighty warriors.

My favourite books to read myself growing up we’re the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony. I enjoyed all of the puns and, as a teen, the somewhat adult themes.

These days I find myself reading more non-fiction than fiction. I do dip into a sci-fi series every once and a while; especially what I refer to as “hard” sci-fi that’s heavier on the science than the fiction (although still very fictional). I love The Three Body Problem and will read pretty much anything by Alistair Reynolds.

But typically I’ll be reading some kind of non-fiction to learn something cool. I love to learn new things and, for me, reading is the best way to do that. I like to say that I’m the bouffon of useless knowledge.

So, welcome to Booked. A newsletter where I can write about what I’ve read. My goals with this newsletter are:

To cement anything I’ve learned by writing it down.

To share some of the fun stuff I’ve learned in the books I’ve read.

I’m going to try and post once a week, on the weekend, starting with the most recent books I’ve read this year and moving my way backwards in time. First up is Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin.

Thanks for subscribing, I hope you enjoy.